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Asia Hospitality Awards officially kicks off as tourism is vital to Asia-Pacific economic recovery

The Asia Awards Organization (AAO) has officially announced the official launch of the Asia Hospitality Awards 2023 (AHA) with its opening for early participation on March 7 and will be hosting its 2023 Winners’ Night in Bangkok, Thailand later this year.

With the likelihood that tourism in the Asia-Pacific will be the only industry in the world to recover by 2023, creating about 90 million new job opportunities in the region, large and small organizations in the industry need to work together to create new values and ensure sustainability strategies to make a strong breakthrough in 2023. Aiming at praising the industry’s efforts and creating momentum for the development of the regional tourism industry, the Asia Hospitality Awards spotlights Asia-wide Finest projects under the theme “Impactful Asia.”

The Asia Hospitality Awards (AHA) will host 30 categories spanning seven main areas, including Accommodation (Lodging), Tourism (Lifestyle & Wellness), Recreation, Tours and Travel Agencies, Airlines and Airports, Cruises & Yachts, and Special-Mentioned Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tourism is vital to Asia-Pacific economic recovery. (Photo: Louis/Pexels)

“With the addition of Asia Hospitality Awards, The AAO wishes to shape new, changing standards to match the needs of the world, particularly in the hospitality industry. The more we improve the quality of our services, approach the international community, and become more creative in our approach with new tours and trips, the more tourists we will be attracted, creating momentum for recovery and growth for the tourism industry in 2023.”, said Mr. Dylan Yip, Vice President of Global Business, Asia Awards Organization.

The winner will be announced after combining the evaluation of points from the panel of the Professional Council (50%) and the voting system (50%). Along with the one-month online public vote, 20 prominent judges, including experts in hotels, hospitality, real estate, and media across Asia, will be involved in the judging process. Except for the Special-Mentioned Lifetime Achievement Award, the seven award disciplines will be assessed based on 5 crucial criteria: Authenticity, Customer Satisfaction, Online Presence, Quality of Service, and ESG framework (Environment, Social, and Governance).

The Winners’ Night is set to be celebrated in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2023.

“The Asia Hospitality Award is not only a recognition for those who have made creative innovations and overcome difficulties to respond after the unprecedented difficult time of Covid-19 but also shaped international standards in the current period. These standards are the driving force for organizations in the industry to change and develop in this new reality. The AHA is also an opportunity for organizations and businesses to market the quality of their services and products.”, said Mr. Dylan Yip.

The Asia Hospitality Awards is now accepting applications until July 2023, with no limit to the number of participants in the region. The Winners’ Night is set to be celebrated in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2023.

For more information and project nominations for the Asia Hospitality Awards (AHA), please visit or email, Hotline (+84) 832119229.

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