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New travel web app launched

With the desire to keep the tourists informed and updated about the latest travel happening, the Department of Tourism (DOT) and its marketing arm, Tourism Promotion Board (TPB), recently launched Travel Philippines web application,

This app will guide tourists to safe and fun travel in the Philippines, view the latest safety information on key destinations around the country, and enable tourists to create a personal itinerary thru its database of popular places and experiences. Furthermore, visitors will also be able to find videos, photos, and features that will give them a preview of their target destinations.

As a start, Travel Philippines contains information on six destinations: Palawan; Bohol; Boracay; Manila; Baguio City; and Ilocos Norte. In addition, users will get up-to-date news on the status of each location and what requirements they have to accomplish in order to enter certain destinations. DOT is planning  to add more destinations in the future, so watch for updates.

The DOT and TPB developed the application in partnership with HIMO Global Inc.

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