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New Mercedes-Benz showroom opens at BGC

On July 1, 2020, Mercedes-Benz Philippines through its partner dealer CATS Motors Inc. officially opened its first state-of-the-art MAR2020 showroom in the country located in Bonifacio Global City, a lighthouse project of Daimler in the Southeast Asia. It is not just a new dealership but a new concept for Mercedes-Benz Brand Experience.

The MAR2020 stands for ‘Markenauftritt Retail’ which translates to ‘Brand Appearance Retail’.  The new brand experience in Mercedes-Benz has evolved in many ways to bring enhancement of customer experience and customer satisfaction.

New showroom architecture

The MAR2020 brings a new concept and new visual identity. The 554 square-meters state-of-the-art facility boasts a new contemporary architecture both outdoors and indoors, with an exterior that sports a modern design and a shift to digital.

Authentic luxury can be seen and felt inside the showroom. The ingenious lighting design not only emphasizes the vehicle in its technical and creative brilliance, but also provides an atmosphere of excitement, elegance and peace. For this reason, a welcoming warmly lit atmosphere is deliberately provided in areas where customers spend more time in.

The interior environment is more relaxing and engaging, giving the warmth and comfort of a business class lounge. A bar area is made available for a more casual and convenient discussion. In addition, getting access to the cars, opening doors, and seeing the vehicles in all its full glory is much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Combination of the best Traditional and Modern Culture

Mercedes-Benz redefines the roles between the real and digital world and is bringing together the benefits of both worlds. One main highlight is the integration of digital and analogue forms of communications. The new facility is equipped with modern technology that allows integration at the point of sale, and digital assets like LED screens that communicate relevant content thoughtfully and clearly, conveying information in an entertaining matter. And through the combination of personal contact and digital elements, the point of Sales becomes a point of experience.

Visitors will be able to experience the brand interactively using digital touch tables to configure the car they want. Product presentations and visualizations can also be displayed to LED screens in Star walls. A team of Product Experts is present to address questions about the technical aspects and provides practical advice on how to make full use of vehicle’s features, from connectivity services up to driving assistance systems.

Supported with media platforms, the new Star Showroom provides a venue where customers and interested parties experience Mercedes-Benz virtually and in reality. This reflects the design idiom of genuine modern luxury and makes it more intensively experienceable in retail.

New Reception Situation and Handover Experience

The new brand architecture is experienceable even when entering the showroom. The customer receives a comprehensive care and the presence of Star Assistant as a host and the “first face” of the brand ensures a very welcoming atmosphere at reception.

The experience is centered around the needs of a customer, from viewing the vehicles, to experiencing its features, everything has been tailored to be easier and more convenient. Everything can be done digitally to serve the new breed of customers. With technology transforming the way you learn about the car, to the actual buying and payment.

Buying a new car is an exciting process. There is nothing like the unique smell of the luxurious interior of a brand-new Mercedes-Benz, the gloss of pristine paintworks and the exploration of features and innovations. The new Star showroom has a hand-over area that completes a great vehicle handover experience.

The introduction of the new BGC Showroom with MAR2020 standards marks a big change in how Mercedes-Benz approaches retail across the globe. It also demonstrates a big commitment affirming the leading position of Mercedes-Benz among luxury car brands in the Philippines.

It is located at the corner of 5th Avenue and 24th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig with easy access to main roads. The new Mercedes-Benz BGC will serve as a focal point of interest for all Mercedes-Benz customers in the central National Capital Region and neighbouring cities.

Lastly, Mercedes-Benz remains committed to safeguard the health and welfare of its clients, employees and guests who visit to any of its facilities. All offices, showrooms and service centres uphold the highest standards of health protocols and safety measures.  

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