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An Exquisite Saga-gyu and Wine Adventure at The Manila Hotel’s Champagne Room

Have ‘A Taste of Japan’ as The Manila Hotel’s Champagne Room invites you to an evening of the epicurean journey with its exclusive Saga-gyu dinner paired with bespoke wine.

The most discerning meat fans and wine enthusiasts will be treated to a 7-course dinner featuring dishes curated by our special guest chef from Japan, Hiroki Samata—a classically-trained chef and master butcher whose impeccable knife skills are admired by many.

Chef Samata will exhibit his culinary creativity with a menu that puts the spotlight on Saga-gyu beef which is one of the world’s most revered delicacies. But what makes this illustrious meat stand out among the rest? Saga beef cows live a life of comfort and luxury, nurtured using expert breeding techniques, and are free to relish the infinite beauty of Saga’s natural surroundings. As a result, the cows produce a perfect balance of fat marbled in lean meat, known in Japanese as tsuya-sashi or “glossy marbling” which is the key to its melt-in-your-mouth texture and unparalleled flavor.

To make the dining experience more enjoyable, Manila Hotel’s partner Titania Wine Cellar will guide its diners with wine pairing nuances using its extensive range of quality wines such as Piccini Memoro Italia Bianco and Chateau Loyasson Bordeaux AOC, to name a few.

This elegant night of fine dining and wine pairing will be held exclusively on March 15, 2023, at 7PM at the Champagne Room. Seats are limited to 40 persons and are priced at Php 10,000 nett per person.

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