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HKTB’s Lucky Rabbit celebrates Chinese New Year

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) embarks on a tour of blissful fortune during the Chinese New Year with the public along the waterfront of Victoria Harbour, launching the “Fortune Around Hong Kong” Chinese New Year Celebrations to welcome the Year of the Rabbit in joy and vitality.

Dane Cheng, HKTB Executive Director, said, “As Hong Kong has lifted all COVID-19 inbound control measures to global visitors and is gradually resuming cross-boundary travel with the Mainland, Hong Kong’s doors of tourism are now open. HKTB’s Chinese New Year Celebrations this year will be the first mega event after cross-boundary travel resumes. Centering the world-renowned Victoria Harbour, we have specially curated a number of interactive Chinese New Year attractions to invite both locals and visitors to explore the Harbour from different perspectives and experience the Chinese New Year festivity, while harnessing good fortunes for the Year of Rabbit.”

Tamar Park, Admiralty. Transforming into a fantastic sea of flowers, Tamar Park is layered with more than 200 colossal flowers over a meter tall with blinging lights, welcoming the bright New Year of Rabbit.

Giant installations of the Lucky Rabbit and Victoria Harbour-themed artworks will be available for checkpoint-hopping along the coastal areas of Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, and Tsim Sha Tsui for an 18-day period from 19 January (28th day of the last month of the lunar calendar) to 5 February (15th day of the Chinese New Year). Among the checkpoints, the Central Ferry Piers will take on a rooftop decoration for the first time with the Lucky Rabbit greeting the public from above. Tamar Park at Admiralty will also become a fantastic sea of flowers, adorning the harbourfront with dazzling and colorful lights. Each with its own feature, the checkpoints promise a wonderful tour for you to admire the Hong Kong harbourview from various perspectives and shower you with myriads of blessings!

During the Chinese New Year period, sightseeing experiences and rides across Victoria Harbour will offer time-limited special discounts. Riders of the Star Ferry may even bump into the Lucky Rabbit and sail across the Harbour together. As the city comes to life in all celebrations during the New Year, let’s embark on a tour of blessings and vitality!

A Sea of New Year Blossoms at Tamar Park (Tamar Park, Admiralty) A fantastic sea of flowers on the harbourfront with 200 colossal LED-lit flowers in nine types; together with decorations such as ribbons and New Year symbols, the sea of flowers marks the coming of a warm and festive Spring with the blooms; and, wave at the three interactive installations to reveal unique light effects

Get your blessings at major waterfront checkpoints with the Lucky Rabbit

This year, the HKTB decorated the Harbour-front areas with the Lucky Rabbit at the Central Ferry Piers, Tamar Park at Admiralty, Wan Chai Temporary Promenade, and the Viewing Deck of Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. Featuring different themes, colors, and lights with music accompaniment and interactive elements, the thematic displays allow visitors to absorb the positive vibe when going on the blissful visit of fortune across the checkpoints. Take your selfies with the Lucky Rabbits, collect the scenic harbour views from different perspectives, and make your wish for the Year of Rabbit!

Central Pier, Central The Central Ferry Piers take on a rooftop decoration for the first time, amusing visitors with a giant Lucky Rabbit that is as tall as two double-deckers.

Special edition of A Symphony of Lights with time-limited light & laser effects

In addition to the Lucky Rabbits, the multimedia show A Symphony of Lights, staged at 8pm daily, is featuring time-limited dancing light and laser effects until 5 February (15th day of Chinese New Year) to add good vibes to Victoria Harbour.

A one-stop catalog of all CNY activities and offers

While the Chinese New Year is a city-wide celebration, HKTB launches a one-stop website ( to continuously provide the locals and visitors with the latest information on Harbour Ride offers festive celebrations and holiday happenings at different hotspots.

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