Face to face with Ilocos Norte: Upclose with the windmills, relaxing beaches of Pagudpud, captivating sites of the rock formations, and more of Ilocos’ great foods on the 4th and last day of our press tour.

It’s the last day of our Ilocos Norte Press Tour, our heartfelt thanks to Ilocos Norte Tourism Office for bringing us to your place and for that great opportunity to see and experience those tourist gems in the North. The past three days as shared with you in the previous articles were such an amazing journey. What else could we expect on the last day of the trip, but another wonderful day, expecting the best, could it really be saving the best for last? Let’s find out.

Blue Lagoon

Pagudpud is known for its white-sand beaches. One of the most popular beach destinations in Pagudpud is the Blue Lagoon beach. This white sand tourist attraction is a favorite among visitors who love going to the beach and enjoying seawater activities.

Blue Lagoon. Photo taken from

There are a number of resorts on Blue Lagoon beach for your accommodation needs while you enjoy your “Boracay feels” vacation. While fascinated by the scenic and relaxing view of the white sand beach, the clear water is so inviting for swimming and surfing. Other water activities like jet skiing and banana boat are also available in Blue Lagoon.

When you are in Blue Lagoon, it will actually bring you to that Boracay fells, this vacation paradise is not that crowded though, so you will surely enjoy the tranquility of your beach leisure time.

Berglick Restaurant

It’s lunchtime, and we are all excited to go to our destination, which we are told is one of the best restaurants in Pagudpud- Bergblick Restaurant.

As we are yet to approach the place, you know that it is true as the restaurant is jampacked with dining customers. Surely, it is a favorite fine dining restaurant among locals and tourists.

Bergblick Restaurants offers a mix of authentic German, International, and Filipino cuisine. We have a great lunch – the foods are superbly delicious and attractively presented.

The author at Burgos Wind Farm

EDC Burgos Wind Farm

Lunch is done, and we are so excited about our next destination. What is a trip to Ilocos Norte with out seeing the windmills up close? Yehey, it’s time to go to the biggest wind farm in the Philippines – the EDC Burgos Wind Farm.
As approach the place and get closer to the windmills, there is just one word you will say – wow! The place will take you to another level of admiration and at the same time be proud of this gigantic project, the largest wind power project in Southeast Asia.

Located on a 600-hectare site, the 150 MW Burgos Wind Farm has a facility consisting of 50 wind turbines, with a capacity of 3MW each generating electricity to the Luzon Grid.

The author at Kapurpurawan rock formations


Still in awe of the wonderful windmills, now found ourselves in another beautiful place. A site where massive rock formations are all around, the view will leave you speechless. You will never forget the place, as you savor the moments that you feel the white rocks around you sparkle in the brightness of the sun. What a lovely place to get your picture-perfect shots.

Getting to the spot of the rock formations will only take you a very short and easy hike. You will not actually feel that you are still on the journey to the actual spot, as the site along the way already offers picturesque landscapes.

So the next time you make a trip to Ilocos Norte, don’t miss the Kapurpurawan Rock Formations on your list.

Photo taken from

La Preciosa

It’s our last stop before heading back home. It seems that we are on our way to another exciting dining experience as we are going to La Preciosa for our dinner.

La Preciosa is known for its “best carrot cake” and we are just so excited to try it.

As we get to the place, we are caught up in their bakery, where a wide selection of mouth-watering cakes and pastries are on display. There are also shelves filled with pasalubong perfectly in time for our search for items to bring home.

La Preciosa, located in Laoag City, is one of the most visited places to eat in Ilocos Norte. We are correct, it was another great dining experience. We enjoyed the food at La Preciosa. Their Crispy Dinardaraan, the Ilocano version of dinuguan is something you will surely love and will never forget the taste- it was so good.

For dessert, we cannot wait to taste the most popular carrot cake of La Presciosa. Oh, every bite of this moist and fluffy cake will make you very happy. It melts in your mouth, and you will just keep on taking another bite and crave for more.

Taking home great memories of Ilocos Norte

The four day-tour is over, now on our way back to Manila. It was a fun-filled trip. Those four days were full of great and wonderful moments to remember about Ilocos Norte. The sites that brought us closer to nature, the historical structures that traveled us to the past, the local foods we wish we could have every day, the beaches you will fall in love with, and the windmills that made you prouder as a Filipino and a lot more to boast about the beauty of Ilocos Norte.

And yet there is still so much to explore, more places to discover. Surely, you will enjoy Ilocos Norte and you will promise yourself you need to go back. Overall, going to Ilocos Norte is definitely Great Travel.

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