Face to face with Ilocos Norte: A refeshing view of the wonders of the waterfalls, a time to reconnect with nature and organic foods, and a walk by the white sand beach in day 3.

The thrill never stops, every day is full of wonderful experiences and discoveries.
The third day of the press tour (an invitation from Ilocos Norte Tourism Office) promises another exciting day, as the group is now bound to Pagudpud. Just when we thought that everything we experienced in the past two days are enough to conclude that Ilocos Norte is a place to visit, the truth is we are just halfway through. There is so much more to discover about the beauty of Ilocos Norte and we are ready for today’s itinerary.

Enjoy the refreshing water of Kabigan Falls

Kabigan Falls

Wow, waterfalls! The mere thought of it already gives you a refreshing feel. Wait till I bring you to that experience and imagine how incredible it was. Kabigan Falls is one of the must-see spots in Ilocos, particularly in Pagudpud. Unlike other sites that will take you hours of the hike before you get yourself closer to the waterfalls and indulge in its wonders, Kaibigan Falls will take you there easily by foot in only about 30 minutes. The journey will not take so much effort from you, so if you are going there with kids or with seniors, no problem, everyone will enjoy every step of the way. Your eyes will bask in the richness of nature, and scenic landscape, while your ears will love the sounds of the streams of water running. Before you know it, the trek is over, and you are there. This 87-feet high, spectacular natural site is now right before your eyes.

Enjoy the site from different angles. Just before you go down and come closer, you can take photos up where you are so you can get a full shot of the falls from the top to the basin. Get ready to swim into the cool water and satisfy yourself with that much-needed refreshing plunge during this so hot summer season.

Kabigan Falls is a must on your list when you go to Ilocos Norte. You will surely fall in love with the place and will never regret taking time to commune with nature once again.

Patapat Viaduct referred to as the “French Riviera of the North

Patapat Viaduct

Next is a quick stop at the Patapat Bridge or Patapat Viaduct, often referred to as the French Riviera of the North. It is a winding viaduct found at the foot of the cliff of North Cordillera Mountain Ranges. This 1.2- kilometer bridge connects Barangay Balaoi and Barangay Pancian. Patapat Viaduct has also become a tourist attraction in Ilocos Norte because from there you can have a wonderful view of Pasaleng Bay. The winding bridge in itself is a sight to behold. But just be very careful though when you plan to take selfies or groupies since it is still a big road where fast vehicles come and go.

Photo taken from Pannzian Beach FB Page

Pannzian Beach

Now unto the exciting part-lunchtime, and what makes this lunch exciting is
are heading to Pannzian Beach, another beautiful piece of paradise in Ilocos Norte. We are served with sumptuous foods that are prepared from farm to table homegrown and organic. At Pannzian Beach, you experience the blissfulness of life’s simplicity. No high-tech amenities, no swimming pools, no television sets, and hardly any cellphone signal. So when you are there, it is the best time to enjoy the place and the people you are with. What they have are natural surroundings, the roaring of waves, sights of towering mountains, and the sounds of the wind. For your overnight stay, there are comfortable villas, cottages, and rooms to choose from.

Reading from the “Activities for the Day” Board, chalk handwritten information enumerates the things you can do at Panziann : 1) Trail hike to the spring (available upon request), 2) Swim at the river (you have to inform them if you are planning to, so they can send a lifeguard to go with you 3) Watch movies at the Pavilion or beach 4) Play board games and musical instruments at the reception area. By the way, if you are a dog lover, please say hello to their friendly dogs freely walking around; don’t worry, they are all fully anti-rabies and booster shots vaccinated. Again, don’t be surprised, the resort is a no-wifi zone, you just have to connect with each other.

Nest Resort and Hotel

It’s time to go to our next “home” – Nest Resort and Hotel. This new resort in Pagudpud is a great place to stay while you enjoy the “ Boracay feels” in the north- Pagudpud’s white sand touching softly the crystal-clear water. Swim your heart out, whether you want to enjoy the beach or do it in their swimming pool, you will surely be satisfied.

Comfortable stay that you want? Nest Resort has so many choices of rooms to offer, from Presidential Suite, Executive Suite, Honeymoon Suite, King with Loft, Queen Deluxe, Twin deluxe to Dorm type, you will find the right one for you.

Aside from the majestic white sand beach and scenic views, your family or group can also enjoy water activities like surfing, jet skiing, and banana boat, outdoor activities like Horseback riding, biking, and even off-road ATV adventures.

Hakuna Matata

No worries, all fun. The day is almost over, dinner will just have to cap all the day’s fun activities. What a way to end the day with this beautiful dinner time at Hakuna Matata which is located in Saud Beach. Hakuna Matata is beach front Bed & Breakfast accommodation that has 6 ocean view rooms. At Hakuna Matata you will enjoy a roof deck dining, the beach bar, and water sports.

The place is so cool- that vacation vibe while having your dinner with your feet literally on the sand. It’s a happy tummy treat with everything but great food, from delicious pasta to an array of Japanese foods and the prepared-before-you, freshly baked pizza. Your choice to enjoy this tasty food at a dining table or on a swinging bed. All up to your moods and liking, either way, the whole ambiance will surely put you in a relaxing mood.

The writer at Nest Resort

Whew, another day in Ilocos Norte. Our third day was more than just fun, it was full of wonderful discoveries of how beautiful Ilocos Norte really is. It’s our last day of the press tour tomorrow, watch out for our stories on Ilocos Norte’s most popular landmark-the windmills and more.

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