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Explore new levels of performance and sophistication with the Lexus ES

The Lexus ES is primarily known for its unparalleled comfort and quietness, but it has evolved to become an equally capable, class-leading luxury sedan with exceptional handling and performance. This calculated transformation came about to fulfill the demands of Lexus’s most discerning customers, and to also highlight the brand’s dynamic driving characteristics born from the company’s desire to accommodate the needs of its customers without having to be asked. This is ‘omotenashi’—Lexus’s unique brand of Japanese hospitality which goes above and beyond expectations.

Here are some facets of the ES which showcase the Takumi master craftsmanship that goes into the creation of every car, and how each of these key elements is proof of Lexus’s attention to even the smallest details.

 Smooth and Silky Ride

The Lexus ES is built on the GA-K platform, which demonstrates high torsional rigidity and a low center of gravity. The platform/powertrain combination delivers flawless, silky, and smooth ride comfort, inheriting and further enhancing the DNA of past ES models. The low placement of the driver’s seat (low hip point), a fully adjustable steering wheel, and the strategic positioning of the pedals help promote the optimal seating position for the driver.

Dynamic Design, Inside and Out

Lexus designers have succeeded in creating a sleek silhouette with the ES. The exterior features a combination of a mesh pattern for Lexus’s signature spindle grille, defined by a continuous flow of small “fin” shapes; the sharp, sculpted aerodynamic edges of the car’s body, and newly designed headlamps with three compact LED lamps.

Inside is a customary spacious and safe cabin. The center console and armrest flow together in unity, while the upper/lower front seatbacks have been designed to allow easy operation of the controls and viewing of the monitor which are all within reach. Rear seat passenger comfort has long been a hallmark of the ES and the seventh-generation model. Despite the sleeker exterior, passengers are treated to an expansive atmosphere, in part due to the abundant legroom with the seats designed for maximum comfort and support.

The sound of silence

To enhance the extremely quiet nature of the ES, Lexus engineers adopted the highest levels of sound absorption, sound insulation, and noise-cancelling measures. Additional features, such as noise reduction wheels and sound-insulating acoustic glass are also used in the ES. Sound produced by the engine and audio system has been precisely tuned, resulting in cabin sounds set at a frequency most comfortable to the human ear.

Seven generations of refinement

The essence of the ES is its combination of styling, performance and luxury. Blending key elements of design and performance, the ES challenges the traditional expectations of consumers. It features a sleek and bold exterior, a spacious, plush interior, and exciting driving performance, all longstanding Lexus trademarks. With the introduction of each new generation, the model continues to be refined. High-quality materials and fastidious attention to the smallest of styling details make the ES the very example of functional beauty and high quality.

Lexus engineers have created a car that, as much as possible, serves as a natural extension to the driver’s body. The engineers focused especially on precisely executing the driver’s inputs, immediate vehicle response, and creating a comfortable cockpit.

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