El Nido welcomes more tourists on 2nd phase of reopening

The Municipal Tourism Office of El Nido announced that it welcomes more tourists, specially from Metro Manila, in its second phase of gradual reopening which began last November 30.  As part of Phase 2 reopening, more activities are allowed, like, Island-hopping and scuba diving, but rules and health regulations are being strictly enforced.

File photo, courtesy of El Nido Resorts

Anyone  planning to visit El Nido should properly observe the following steps for booking a vacation:

1) Book your accommodation at one of the hotels and resorts that had accomplished Department of Tourism’s (DOT) Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO) full list below.

2) Book your tours with one of the travel agencies/tour operators with DOT accreditation and the Local Government Unit’s (LGU) Local Seal of Compliance (LSOC). Your tour operator/travel agency will send you an itinerary for your stay (please see full list below). 

File photo, courtesy of El Nido Resorts

3) Upload your bookings at, along with health declaration and IDs. You will be issued a QR coded tourist ID (QT-ID) that clears you for your itinerary.

4) Book your flight on AirSwift at for your direct flight to El Nido. For now, the airports in Puerto Princesa City and San Vicente are not yet allowing tourists to fly in.

5) Get an RT-PCR test within 2 days (48 hours) before your arrival in El Ndio.

 El Nido stated that vacationing in El Nido was similar to how it has been in the past, but the big news is that tourists would be allowed to leave their hotel to go island-hopping or scuba diving.   “There will be very few people out on the islands, so this is your chance to experience El Nido without any crowds,” the post reads.

File photo, courtesy of El Nido Resorts

El Nido further explains that in other ways, tourist  trip to El Nido would be very different than trips in the past. Tourists will be authorized to leave their hotel or resort – but only to go to the islands. They can take meals in their hotel or resort, or they can request delivery – but El Nido is not yet allowing Manila tourists to travel to restaurants in town, however, El Nido plans to relax these restrictions as gradual reopening continues.  El Nido urges tourists to pick their  hotel or resort carefully.

The Municipal Tourism Office of El Nido highlights that there really is no better time to visit the islands than now, as the weather during this time of the year tends to be sunny and the islands haven’t been this roomy and uncrowded since the 2000s.

Please see below  the list of DOT-accredited hotels and resorts with CAO; updates are posted on or at

Miniloc Island Resort

Pangulasian Island Resort and Spa

Huni Lio Resort

Maremegmeb Beach Club

Lagen Island Resort

Casa Kalaw

Balai Adlao

Hotel Covo

Seda Lio

Charlie’s El Nido

Stunning Republic Beach Resort

Frendz Hotel

Layan Layang Home Inn

Moringa El Nido Philippines Inc.

 (El Nido Coco Resort)

The Apartments at El Nido

Bulskamp Inn

A Place to Remember

Cadlao Resort and Restaurant

Telesfora  Beach Cottage

La Casa Teresa Tourist Inn

Jurias Garden Hotel

Qi Palawan

And here are the DOT- accredited Travel and Tour operators with LSOC for tour package; updates are posted on El Nido Facebook Page and website:

Go Paradise Travel & Tour

Haqqy Life Travel & Tour

Isla Paraiso Travel & Tour

Leatherback Travel & Tour

Ape Tour Services

El Nido Boutique Art Café Inc.

Philippine Travel A La Carte

Discover El Nido Travel & Tours

Palss Travel & Tours

Bellitta Tours

Krischana Travel & Tour

Lovelyn Travel & Tour

Spider Travel & Tour

Klienkris Travel & Tour

Anang Travel & Tours

Tarawis Travel & Tours

Nativ Exploration Travel & Tours

For more information on travel restrictions and health protocols in El Nido, you may visit or at (Featured photo, Bukal Island, taken from

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