Coron to accept local tourists starting December 1

DOT (Department of Tourism) announces on its official Twitter account that Coron will be accepting local tourists, starting December 1. “Coron, Palawan awaits your return to its magnificent limestone rock formations and stunning lagoons as it opens to domestic travel on December 1, 2020” the DOT stated in its account.

Generally, all visitors planning to visit Coron Island must be 15 to 65 years old, Filipino Citizen or Philippine residing foreigner.  Based on the Approved Guidelines and Protocols posted by Coron in its official FB Page, visitors  should observe the following steps, called S.A.F.E.

Coron Island, file photo courtesy of Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa

“S” for Schedule

Schedule your trip to Coron according to the following steps:

“A” for Arrange

For your accommodation, arrange a booking with a DOT certified establishments. Only tour packages arranged by the DOT accredited tour operators will be accepted. Secure your RT PCR test, conducted within 48-72 hours before your flight. Have a copy of the following upon check in: 1. Negative RT-PCR test 2. Roundtrip ticket 3. Confirmed booking and itinerary

For accredited establishments and operators, guests may visit or  

Twin Lagoon, file photo courtesy of Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa

“F” for File and Register

Before coming to Coron, you must register: Your Health Declaration Form. Accept the terms and conditions which can be found in the Wait for your QR Code, it will serve as your pass upon entry and while in Coron. Before boarding your plane or boat, make sure you have a copy of confirmed hotel and tour bookings, ready for presentation.

“E” for Evaluation and Testing

Upon arrival, all tourists will have a health assessment at the triage area of Francisco Reyes Airport Coron, Palawan. If symptomatic, antigen testing will be necessary (fee of Ph3,000.00 to be paid by tourist). If tested positive, tourist will be sent to a hotel isolation room or to a local government identified center for COVID-19. If negative, you could proceed with the booked itinerary.

For more information and other health protocols, visit and watch the instruction video. (Featured photo is Kayangan Lake, courtesy of Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa’)

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