Enjoying Japanese food in Tagaytay at Aozora Japanese Restaurant

One of the good news heard after the pandemic was – Tagaytay is now open to the public again. This announcement did not only bring excitement to those who have been wanting to travel even in short trips but also gave a light of hope that slowly things are turning back to the way they used to be.

Travelling to Tagaytay is one of our family’s favorite activities. Last weekend, celebrating my husband’s birthday in Tagaytagay was just a perfect idea. Everyone was excited as it was the first ever trip out of Manila for more than 7 months.

All set and we headed to our destination for our lunch celebration at Aozora Japanese Restaurant in Tagaytay Highlands, since most of the family members love Japanese food.

Getting inside Tagaytay Highlands treated us to an amazing view of Tagaytay, specially the Taal area .  Facilities inside Tagaytay Highlands are so fascinating that will immediately give you a relaxing feel. Our girls were so excited to grab some poses for their “my day” and social media posts- who wouldn’t when everything you see around you is just perfectly IG materials.

Lunchtime and we’re all inside Aozora Japanese Restaurant. We were ushered inside a beautifully designed dining place by their courteous crew, giving us an instant impression that this is one great choice to dine in Tagaytay. Going over the menu, everything looked good but each one seemed to have fixed an eye to personal favorites. That made ordering for food very easy.

What made up for such a sumptuous lunch? Aozora salad was a perfect hit, once you take a first bite you cannot wait for the next all the way to the last one. The Spicy Curry Ramen was a good pick, satisfying one’s cravings for spicy soup while Miso Ramen satisfied us with its rich layering taste we always love in a ramen. The Tonkatsu and Chicken Katsu meals were so good- crispy and very flavorful. Tempura Soba, Ebi Tempura and Beef Udon that the girls ordered were all gone in no time- which only means they liked them too much that no need of  “pressure” from their parents to finish their food. Two thumbs up for the Sizzling Squid with soy butter; the way squid was cooked- soft and  tender with the right amount of flavors that made the over-all taste of this dish superbly delicious. A plate of Katsu Curry is ideal for someone who loves curry. Gyoza and California Maki on the side simply complimented our meals. Sweet endings made so well with the Coffee Jelly in Vanilla Ice Cream.

There are more dishes you can also try like Mixed Sashimi, Aozora Ramen, Wagyu Beef Yakiniku and Wagyu Steak which are just some of their best sellers in their long list of menu.

And oh, about the price, surprisingly very affordable. Imagine treating your family or group in a Japanese restaurant with really great food and nice place at a price so friendly on the pocket. Aside from Aozora Japanese Restaurant in Tagaytay Highlands, they also have 3 other outlets all in Tagaytay City: one in Tagaytay Main Road, Tolentino West, another in Tagaytay-Calamba Main Road, Sungay East and the other one in Barangay Maharlika East.

So, the next time you visit Tagaytay, try to drop by at one of their branches. You can contact them at 0936-9809656 or visit their FB Page.

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