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Experience Santorini at Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point

The different community quarantine levels implemented by the Philippine Government have put most Filipinos, literally immobilized, especially in Metro Manila. I believe most of them are already itching their feet to sneak out of the Metropolis and find themselves driving to their favorite, out-of-town destinations. Fortunately, for provinces, particularly those under the Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ), travel restrictions are mostly lifted and so they can now visit tourist establishments within the province, and of course wearing of face masks, face shields is a must and physical distancing, as the new normal.

And, luckily for La Union residents and neighboring provinces, they have Thunderbird Resorts, dubbed as the Santorini of Asia, to visit with. The resort is a dream destination of its own. Guests can experience Greece’s world-renowned resort town without leaving the country.  Nestled on a scenic 100-ft cliff at the highest of Poro Point Peninsula that overlooks San Fernando Bay and West Philippines Sea where one can witness the picturesque sunset, Thunderbird Resorts & Casinos is a 65-hectar Mediterranean-inspired premier integrated resort in La Union, Philippines.


If guests are planning to just enjoy the resort’s indoor facilities, like gym, casino, etc., a hotel room accommodation would be best for them. They have 64 hotel rooms, 8 luxury suites and 60 Santorini-inspired 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom villas. However, if they plan to do more outdoor activities, like playing golf, swimming, etc., the resort’s villas accommodations are highly recommended for them. But, whatever type of accommodations they would desire, pretty sure they will experience an ultimate staycation of a lifetime.


Golf enthusiasts need not to worry when they visit Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point. An acre of challenges, varying degrees of skill, holes with scenic views and a legendary golfing experience awaits them at The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club, the resort’s exclusive golf course. It’s a 3,372 yards 9-hole all- weather golf course designed by the renowned International Management Group. The golf course’s challenging contours, well-conditioned greens with breathtaking scenery of the San Fernando Bay and first-rate amenities will always be a welcome amenity for all golfers to improve and master their golf game. Other outdoor sports activities are also available in the resort, like basketball, lawn tennis and swimming.  


Guests will not only view a Mediterranean architecture in Thunderbird Resorts but will also taste a Mediterranean cuisine. The resort’s Olives Restaurant offers Lamb Shank, Chicken Chorizo Skewers, Devilled Chicken, Lamb Chops, T-bone, Prawn and Sea Urchin Pasta to name a few.  For others who prefer western foods, their All-American Diner restaurant offers Angus Cheese Burger, BLT Sandwich with Fries, Salisbury Steak and BBQ ribs. The resort also offers gourmet coffee and pastries such as the local favorite cassava cake, ube pandesal and ube ensaymada at Pianosa Delishop.

Relax and Unwind

Guests will have many options to choose from for their relaxation. For refreshing drinks and thrilling snacks, they can visit the Helios Pool Bar. If they are that type that craves for an exquisite selection of traditional beverages and cocktails, they can hop into their Patio Santorini Bar and Lounge. For those golfers who just finished their games, they should look no further for  Golf Sports Bar, located in the new clubhouse, is the perfect place for them.  But for others who seek world class gaming, fun and entertainment, Fiesta Casino, the resort’s casino is just waiting for them.  


After a tiring day under the scorching heat of the sun or from indoor activities, guests can calm down at Zaphira, the resort’s spa. Zaphira Spa offers a multitude of rejuvenating treatments and indulgences to refresh and revitalize the mind and body. They offer different kind of massages, facial, body, beauty treatments, Aroma Therapy, and other wellness services. The resort also accepts in-room massage services.

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