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World premiere of the all-new Lexus LM

A unique Luxury Mover that offers a private oasis of relaxation and creativity

Lexus celebrates the world premiere of the all-new Lexus LM, at the Auto Shanghai 2023. With the key luxury MPV market of China, the second-generation LM will be launched in over 60 countries worldwide, including Asia Pacific, Europe, and Lexus’s home market of Japan.

The first-generation Lexus LM was launched in 2020 to meet customer demand for chauffeur-drivenMPV(s)in China and other parts of Asia. Offering both 4-seat and 7-seat configurations, the vehicle was well received by a wide range of customers. In the intervening years, the needs and desires of the global luxury market have further intensified and diversified. In response, the new LM
has been completely redesigned, reevaluating its value and raison d’être as a “Luxury Mover,” from where the model’s name is derived.

Dynamic & Elegant Exterior

The MPV package expresses the next-generation Lexus design goal of “the pursuit of a unique identity and proportions, born from a dynamic driving experience.”
The key for the exterior design was to bring to the MPV segment the goal of next-generation Lexus design -to create a unique identity through proportions that reflect functional purity and dynamic performance. The LM’s unique form is dynamic, elegant, and graceful.

The spacious cabin offers maximum passenger space by providing minimal interruptions in the longitudinal form, while the emphasis on the front and rear wheels evokes excellent driving performance and ride comfort. The front design further evolves the Spindle Body, the identity of Lexus. By applying the exterior color to the grille, the strong extruded spindle shape is expressed as a seamlessly integral part of the body. By minimizing the gap between the surrounding parts and the body, the new design is more integrated, thereby contributing to aerodynamic performance, cooling performance, and maneuverability.

Spacious, Comfortable, and Convenient Interior

To allow passengers to return to being their true selves, the interior incorporates exquisite craftsmanship based on a human-centered approach. The aim was to create a relaxing, lounge-like environment by taking advantage of the generous interior height of the vehicle and offering an airy, comfortable space with a seamless design characterized by clean horizontal and vertical lines. In the front seats, a modern and spacious interior incorporates the Lexus Tazuna Cockpit concept, complemented by the simple instrument panel and console that create an environment where the driver can concentrate on driving.

The 6- and 7-seat versions focus on a spacious feel and excellent visibility, with expansive trim and overhead consoles throughout the cabin to create a personal feel for all passengers. The 4-seat model raises the level of personalization and privacy, featuring a partition equipped with a striking 48-inch wide-screen
display in front of the rear seats. A retractable glass partition above the display separates the front and rear compartments while offering a clear forward view, and assist grips provide easy entry and exit. The speakers, refrigerator, storage compartments, and other functions are integrated into the design elements, while great care has been taken to minimize the panel gaps between components.

The side window graphics are also simple rectangles, and every component of the interior has been designed to reduce visual noise, resulting in a relaxing environment for all passengers. Additionally, large independent seats comfortably envelop the body, intending to provide a sense of comfort that frees the body and mind the moment the person sits down. The interior colors conjure up a sophisticated contemporary feel in line with this new expression of luxury. Solis White features copper accents on the surroundings, while Black features gray tone gradations throughout. The clean-cut rectangular door trim is also
finished with a subtle pattern.

Safety and Performance

Lexus continues to develop safety technologies in line with the ultimate goal of a mobility society: “Zero fatalities and injuries from traffic accidents.” Based on the belief in the importance of speedily developing the most advanced safety technologies and promoting their use in as many vehicles as possible, Lexus Safety System + is now available in the new LM, following the RX.

Lexus LM uses a sensor that combines millimeter-wave radar and a monocular camera to ensure precise recognition and reliability, thereby expanding the scope of activation of the Pre-Collision Warning, Pre-Collision Brake Assist, and Pre-Collision Braking. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control(with all-speed follow function): When the alert function of the driver monitor is enabled, the system alerts the driver and provides supportive control that helps ensure a sufficient safety margin during normal driving, so that the driver can safely resume driving once they return to a normal state. Lane Departure Alert [LDA2]: If the system detects a driver looking aside while driving, the system will activate an alert or activate lane departure control at an earlier time than usual.

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