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Marina Bay Sands rolls out SmartHotel features in the mobile app to transform the guest experience

Integrated resort paves way for digital transformation, starting with mobile check-in and digital key cards for hotel guests

Hotel guests can now enjoy more convenience at Marina Bay Sands
via its mobile application-enabled Smart Hotel features that allow them to skip conventional means of checking in and out at the front desk. The new initiative will enable users to pre-register wherever they are, check in, and complete verification requirements on their mobile phones as they step through the doors of Singapore’s largest hotel. Guests will also be able to use their mobile phones as digital key cards to access their rooms and hotel lifts and to order in-room dining.

These new services kick off a significant program under the integrated resort’s customer service roadmap to elevate the end-to-end digital experience across all touchpoints of the guest journey. These new functionalities and many more features are now available on Marina Bay Sands’ mobile application for both Android and Apple users.

Marina Bay Sands’ in-app Smart Hotel features will enable guests to skip conventional means of checking in and out at the front desk

Marina Bay Sands’ mobile application is a one-stop information portal, offering customers ease of access to the latest happenings at the integrated resort, as well as ticketing engines, rewards programs, parking redemptions, and more. Users can look forward to even more enhancements in the pipeline, including in-app capabilities to retrieve and make contactless payments for valet parking, as well as view their e-tickets to attractions, among others.

“Marina Bay Sands has always embraced technology in our constant pursuit to enhance service standards and convenience for our guests. Regarded as a breakthrough for a standalone hotel of our scale in Singapore, our new mobile offerings will enable an effortless end-to-end guest experience to create new value for our customers. These innovations will also enable our Team Members to take on higher-value tasks such as rendering more personal service to our guests,” said Paul Town, Chief Operating Officer of Marina Bay Sands.

“Our aim is to not only transform the conventional check-in experience but to also allow guests to truly maximize their time and start discovering the property from the moment they arrive. We have big plans for our digital offerings and are investing heavily to enhance the overall customer journey across even more touchpoints,” he added.

Guests can use their mobile phones as digital key cards to access their rooms and hotel lifts, as well as request in-room amenities

Transforming the conventional hotel check-in experience

Upon making a reservation with the hotel, guests can use the Marina Bay Sands mobile app to log in with a membership ID and carry out four simple steps to complete the check-in process: (1) scan a government-issued Identity Document*, (2) take a selfie photo to verify identity via facial-recognition technology, (3) confirm personal details, and (4) activate digital keys for room and lift
access upon arrival at the hotel.

In addition to mobile check-in and digital key access, guests can request in-room amenities and order in-room dining through the app. At the end of their stay, guests can also verify their room bill and check out, without having to queue at the lobby or drop off physical key cards.

The developments represent an extension of Marina Bay Sands’ tech-enabled journey, which includes the pioneering of industry-first RFID-enabled express check-out boxes to optimize room inventory and minimize waiting time for guests checking in. This innovation, which incorporates Robotic Process Automation (RPA), was shared later for adoption across Las Vegas Sands’ other

For more information on the Marina Bay Sands mobile app’s Smart Hotel features, visit

*The app recognizes only government-issued identification documents, including the Singapore National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) or passports. Drivers’ licenses are not applicable.

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