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HKTB launches “Hello Hong Kong ‧ My Best Picks” campaign

Tomorrow, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) will launch a three-week “Hello Hong Kong ‧ My Best Picks – Most-liked Hong Kong Experiences” campaign, inviting the locals to choose their favorite experiences in Hong Kong in three categories – “Foodie Pleasure”, “Urban Oasis” and “City Checkpoint” – to compile a list of the best recommendations from the Hong Kong public for visitors to enjoy Hong Kong’s most authentic experiences one by one.

Dane Cheng, HKTB Executive Director, said, “With Hong Kong’s tourism doors fully open now, many visitors are planning a visit to Hong Kong, and they are especially interested in what the locals recommend. This city is not only a foodie haven, but its proximity to nature, the many hidden gems across the metropolis, and the recently added unique experiences are some of our treasured tourism assets. We’d like to call for the participation of everyone in Hong Kong to pick your ‘must-do’ list in Hong Kong so that visitors can follow our recommendations and enjoy Hong Kong’s most authentic experiences for the trip of a lifetime.”

Giveaway of 1,000 gifts to encourage recommendations for visitors from locals

“Hello Hong Kong My Best Picks – Most-liked Hong Kong Experiences” will take the public’s picks online for three weeks from 10 to 31 March. Members of the public can visit the campaign website ( and pick five of their favorite experiences from each of three categories – “Foodie Pleasure”, “Urban Oasis” and “City Checkpoint”. Participants can also submit their own recommendations in texts and photos in the section “More of your favorite”.

After the selection period, the HKTB will compile the 15 most-liked items, five from each category, and announce the “My Best Picks” list for visitors. The HKTB will share these must-do experiences with visitors through various channels and help them plan a most authentic Hong Kong trip. To express gratitude to local participants, the HKTB will offer a gift of a “Hello Hong Kong” thematic Octopus card (with HK$150 stored value) and a cardholder set to 1,000 eligible participants whose picks match most of the final list to encourage members of the local community to guide guests around Hong Kong to experience the city from new perspectives.

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