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Asia Awards Organization Pte. Ltd. to hold Gala Night for winners of Asia Architecture Design Awards

Asia Awards Organization Pte. Ltd. is set to hold its inaugural Asia Architecture Design Awards Winners’ Gala Night at Fairmont Singapore sometime in June 2023. The Asia Architecture Design Awards, abbreviated as AADA bestows an esteemed award in 30 categories of 6 disciplines through a judicious process by a prominent panel of judges. This inauguration occasion covets the recognition of excellence and creativity in a varied range of Architecture & Design masterpieces from regional to global scale. 

Industry players from architecture & design disciplines have made their strong presence in recent years, some notable emerging market economies in Asia include ASEAN countries, undoubtedly both the middle eastern and northern Asian regions. Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA) aspires to curate and promote the efforts of talented designers and establishments from within this industry by providing an exceptional platform to showcase their admirable accomplishments at an international level. Thus, creating global recognition for gifted designers and brilliant enterprises by means of this prestigious award ceremony. 

Asia Awards Organization Pte. Lte., Vice President of Partnership Development, Dylan Yip said, there are 30 categories open for registration from the beginning of December 2022 and is targeted to close the participation entries by February 2023. 

“We will ensure transparency in the judging process to be carried out by a selected panel of judges from various backgrounds of prominent figures in the region, including design professionals, distinguished experts in academic architectural institutions, and renown social initiators”, he added. According to Dylan Yip, the Winners’ Gala Night red-carpet is for high-profile attendees that acquire the award, industry professionals, and not forget the influential media of international level, industry KOLs, and KOCs. 

Dylan Yip, Vice President of Partnership Development, Asia Awards Organization Pte. Lte.,

Prevalent award categories such as Asia Best Architecture Design, Best Interior Design, Best Furniture Design, Best Hotel & Resort Design, Best Firms in Architecture Design, and many others are ready to be bagged by individuals or organizations from the industry. A significant early bird registration discount will be introduced during the opening period and is not to be missed by talented independent firms. 

AADA seeks to promote an Impactful Asia in the architecture design and construction industry that influences not just within Asian countries but also in the global arena. By means of this 2023 AADA  presentation, independent accomplishment to full-serviced firms’ masterwork that have impactfully contributed to society will continue to develop greater networking platforms and marketing prospects. It is an opportunity for businesses to garner prestigious accolades, hence continual growth on an international level. 

Timothy Wong, Chief Marketing Officer, Asia Awards Organization Pte. Ltd

Timothy Wong, Chief Marketing Officer, Asia Awards Organization Pte. Ltd. said: “Leveraging on this award recognition, a strategic partnership will be aligned to heighten the 2023 AADA Winner’s Gala Night. Partners from relevant industries are welcome to sponsor in exchange for privileged benefits such as media coverage, marketing opportunities, and global promotion, just to name a few. Through this inaugural award recognition, we are excited to provide the prospect for stakeholders from the Architecture and Design industry to expand their capacity regionally or worldwide opportunities, be it individual or as an establishment.”

Asia Awards Organization Pte. Ltd., an enterprise based in Singapore, is making the Asia Architecture Design Awards a notable annual affair with an aspiration to recognize the effort of artistic individuals and firms on a global platform. 

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