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The Manila Hotel hosts visual artist Kristine Lim’s 2nd solo art exhibit

The pandemic is almost two years with us, but things are looking bright, especially for the hotel or travel industry. The shining light of a city reopening lies ahead of us. The good news is an art exhibit has been planned and now presents an exciting new art exhibit to culture-hungry Filipinos this month of October.

Artists once depended only on galleries to showcase their work and be “discovered,” but now more hotels like The Manila Hotel actively seek and support talented artists such as Kristine Lim. Nowadays, artworks and masterpieces are not just showcased in polite museums and galleries. The changing times make it more important for art’s presence to be felt. These days, art has expanded its viewership and we have explored art avenues for art to be seen by those who can appreciate it.

“Trust on You” Kristine Lim’s mixed media on canvas of The Philippine Eagle

The Manila Hotel is home to some fabulously curated art collection and it is well worth a leisurely peruse. Collection highlights include a precious Fernando Amorsolo painting that greets visitors right as they arrive at the hotel lobby.

This month of October, the historic Manila Hotel welcomes back Filipino Christian visual artist Kristine Lim whose 2nd solo exhibit called SOAR is now displayed at the Lobby Lounge of the hotel. Manila Hotel once again elevates the experience of a hotel stay and visit with Lim’s brilliantly inventive masterpieces. Lim had her first solo exhibit at the hotel in the same month last year at a time where traditional art galleries were still closed.

“My Way” by Kristine Lim Mixed Media

One will be able to soak up the spirit-lifting sight of Lim’s brilliantly inventive creations—Lim’s exhibit SOAR showcases 33 framed mixed media works, with several of the triptychs. She used the specialized technique of combining special textured ground layers of transparent metallic bronze and gold-colored glazes over graphite.

“To Know You” by Kristine Lim Mixed media on canvas

The majestic Philippine Eagle serves as the central image in most of Lim’s artworks. A powerful endemic to the Philippines, it is a symbol of the nation; and a reminder of both how blessed we are with natural resources like our rich marine biodiversity, flora, and fauna, and how we need rightful stewardship in keeping the balance, as it is critically endangered due to the loss of habitat from the encroachment of Filipinos and the deliberate destruction of our forests in the name of unsustainable progress.

At the SOAR Exhibit opening: Malasakit sa Bayan Foundation’s Anthony Rolando Golez Jr., DPWH Secretary Mark Villar, visual artist Kristine Lim and The Manila Hotel President Atty. Jose D. Lina. Jr.,

“SOAR” is Kristine Lim’s 2nd solo exhibition. It is presented by Art Lounge Manila. The exhibition is located at the Lobby Lounge of The Manila Hotel. The show will run from October 1 to 30, 2021. Proceeds of the Closing Auction will go to Malasakit Para Sa Bayan Foundation Inc. This exhibition is in partnership with Manila Hotel, Globaltronics, Bamco Philippine, and DigiScript.

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