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Safe and secure journey with Hyundai Tucson

Buying your dream SUV can be intimidating especially in these trying times. With each car brand offering something new and exciting, there are too many options in the SUV market that are vying to be everyone’s choice for a safe and secure ride, thus making it easy for consumers to overlook the things that are, not only the best for them, but also which bring out the best in them.

Take the Hyundai Tucson. Despite being trusted as a classic, some may claim that it appears to be “basic” compared to its current competitors. What they might not realize is that the Tucson’s benefits are beyond its appearance. It has a lot of things to offer that will leave you thrilled for more adventures and keep you confident to stay driven, new normal or not:

More than the usual looks. “First impressions last” and the same truth applies to the Tucson, which is known as one of the most striking SUVs in its segment. Bearing Hyundai’s refined, Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design philosophy with its iconic hexagonal front grille, brilliant head lamps, and sleek lines that emphasize its bold, muscular physique, the Tucson will always stand out on the road.

More than your usual power. The Tucson is regarded as a powerhouse in terms of performance. Available with a 2.0-liter CRDi engine mated to 8-speed AT, it offers more dynamic but responsive driving control at any rpm range.

More than your usual drive. Capable of providing a maximum power output of 185 Ps and maximum torque of 402 Nm, the Tucson gives you the power, acceleration and maneuverability that can match those of 7-seater SUVs… without compromising your fuel efficiency, of course! Ultimately, the Tucson is your go-to ride for that perfect mix of power and efficiency that can surely take your driving experience further.

More than your usual safety. Safety has always been a priority of Hyundai for its drivers and passengers alike, and it’s ingrained in the littlest details, like the Tucson’s body frame.

Last year, the Tucson made waves in Taiwan after it remained intact and left its passengers unharmed from a fallen boulder incident. This is a testament to the Tucson’s durability since its frame is made of 51% Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), a type of steel that’s known to be lighter for better fuel efficiency, but twice as rigid as conventional mild steel.

More than your usual comfort. Space inside the Hyundai Tucson is no issue. The knee, head, and legroom are more than enough for five passengers to have a comfortable ride, while its wide and spacious cargo area offers lots of storage space for your items.

Your sensible and fun ride does not end there. Once you buy a Tucson, Hyundai’s 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty coverage guarantees you a longer, worry-free ownership experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.

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