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Travel in star comfort with Hyundai Starex

The Hyundai Grand Starex has established a legacy all its own as a stylish and reliable people mover, making it the vehicle of choice of many Filipino families and local celebrities, politicians, and business movers and shakers.

But you don’t have to be famous or a star. The premium features of the Starex already make the proud owner feel like one. Its string of awards received since 2001 says it all, elevating Hyundai’s flagship van to the motoring Hall of Fame–from Most Comfortable Ride to Best Safety Features, from Best Engine Performance to Best Full-size People Carrier, to Automobile of the Year. The list goes on and on:

Star Quality

Beauty is in the details. But looks can be deceiving because every Hyundai-designed vehicle is not only beautiful but functional. That stylish, curvy exterior is engineered for smoother aerodynamics while on the move, making it stand out all the more in a segment packed with bulky passenger vans.

Star Comfort

Inside and out, the Starex is designed for relaxation, bonding, and long, happy naps. The long wheelbase not only assures ample legroom, but also makes the ride stable and noise-free even while moving at top speed. The A/C vents distribute the powerful air conditioning evenly throughout the van, while the distinctive double sliding doors make it a breeze to hop in and out of the vehicle.

And even if it is famously spacious, there is always a place for everything, and everything has its place. Up front, the two-tiered glove box and overhead console accommodate driver stash while passengers can load their road trip essentials, like water bottles, snacks, or reading materials into the multiple door compartments.

Star Power

Yes, it’s a beauty to behold, but beneath the hood is a beast powered by Hyundai’s signature 2.5L CRDi VGT Diesel Engine with maximum power of 170ps and a maximum torque of 45kg-m mated to a 5-speed Automatic Transmission with H-matic manual mode. This spells enhanced fuel efficiency while allowing the driver optimal gear control.

Star Protection

From front to back, the Starex is all about “passenger first.” The front-mounted engine makes for reduced vibration and heat emissions and an added safety cushion in case of frontal collision.  Inside, the driver safety windows and dual front air bags assure optimal safety. At the back, rear parking sensors and a rear underview mirror facilitate safe and precise parking.

Star Performance

What gives a star staying power? It’s the capacity for reinvention. Through the years, the very same features that make the Hyundai Grand Starex the family comfort vehicle of choice also make it a premium mover of commuters and cargo. 

And in these times where the health sector is constantly on emergency mode, the Grand Starex Ambulance has helped health professionals to give patients fast and uninterrupted care.

To sum it up, Hyundai’s all-time favorite van is designed and built to make you the star of your own show in ways that other vans can’t: outstanding comfort with dynamic possibilities.

For better journeys, you can only replace a Starex with another Starex. Even better, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the country, has made it easier for you to shop for one online at HOME on

To learn more, visit or the Hyundai Philippines Facebook Page. Or spare yourself unnecessary trips and maintain social distancing by requesting for a quote and applying for an auto loan at the Hyundai Online Market Experience (HOME) Page

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